French Angora Rabbits For Sale Tucson, AZ

French Angora Rabbits For Sale Tucson, Arizona

French Angora Rabbits FOR SALE with pedigrees $125.00-$150.00.  New kits available Now!  See new pictures link above and NEW pictures!

blue doe blue tort buck chestnut agouti doe Chocolate ermine 2 Fawn doe 1 Fawn doe 2

Fawn Doe #1

 Chocolate Ermine doe #2

Chestnut Agouti

Blue Tort

Blue doe 2


If you are thinking about owning a fiber animal that lives indoors please do your research.  Angora rabbits require regular hair care either plucking of molting fiber or clipping.  Because Angora Rabbits have special care needs we like to meet you before placing our rabbits in your home to help you get ready for your new arrival.  If you want to ask questions about Angora Rabbit care, diet, health, harvesting fiber, or other Angora Rabbit related questions please feel free to contact us we will be glad to discuss our rabbits.

Sales Policies:  For us to hold a bunny for you we require a non refundable deposit of half.  We recommend you establish a relationship with a veterinarian who knows about the care and treatment of Rabbits also.  All of our Angora Rabbits are veterinary checked before we send them home with you.

Pedigrees are provided at the time of sale.

French Angora Rabbits are priced at $125.00-$275.00 each.  We can shipped from Tucson at new owner’s expense and new owner’s arrangement.  Rabbits will be shipped from Tucson International Airport.  Costs varies by Airline.  Alaska Airlines ships to many states across the US and they have a excellent shipping record.  Check out the cities they serve at this link

United Airlines and Delta Airlines also will ship.  See their web pages for more information on shipping Rabbits.  Black out dates usually are in the summer months when temperatures reach above 90 degrees F during the day at the origin airport or the destination airport.  New owner will be responsible for payment of shipping costs before shipping as well as, Veterinary Health Certificates (Approximately $50 per shipment includes or or more rabbits) and a airline certified carrier(s), one for each rabbit if rabbits are older than 2 months of age.  Shipping has become more difficult with the new USDA requirements.  We require meeting the new owner at least once to arrange shipment and discuss rabbit care.

If you are interested in any of the kits (Baby Rabbits) contact us at e-mail address

Proven Fawn/Cream Doe and Fawn Junior For Sale


Proven producer Fawn Cream doe Sold


Fawn Doe Junior Sold

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